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Abbey Moore, Director at Indigo Properties

Born in South Africa, Abbey had a simple childhood, spent mostly outdoors, where she developed her love of exploration, sense of adventure, and thirst for knowledge. At the age of 19, she moved to London to pursue a teaching degree and realize her dream of exploring all the corners of the earth, along with all its different cultures and challenges.


Abbey started her career as an Elementary school teacher, a degree which she obtained while living in London and working within a prominent Communications Company, as a Nursery Nurse and part-time private tutor on evenings and weekends.Choosing to work within inner-city London schools, her teaching career spanned 7 years. During this time, she obtained the credentials of Head of Literacy and Music in both schools she worked at. Abbey’s extremely varied interests and creativity made her popular with the children, but it was her entrepreneurial spirit that led her to venture away from the classroom and start her own business.


For 6 years she built an extremely lucrative dog-walking and boarding brand (Leading Dogs Ltd) and dealt with many high-end clients in the Chelsea, Belgravia, and Mayfair boroughs of London. She also continued to serve on her local elementary school's Governing Body.



One of Abbey’s most intense passions in her 20’s and early 30’s was traveling the world. With over 35 countries under her belt, she eventually stumbled across her forever home when she came to visit New Hampshire for the first time in 2007. It took 3 years to wrap up her life in England and finally make the move to the USA; and with her dog and cat in town, she began the arduous struggle of getting her residency after 2 years of not working. She now lives in Maine with her boyfriend Nick, their two dogs, one cat, 5 ducks, 12 chickens and 2 goats.

Fun Facts About Abbey:

Abbey can speak 4 languages and play 3 musical instruments. She has accomplished a successful ascent of Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free-standing mountain, and has lived with a Masai tribe in Tanzania while volunteering in an AIDS Orphanage. In 2007 she spent 4 months traveling solo around South America. She has done the highest bungee jump in the world - twice, a solo skydive, hiked the Inca Trail, tubed the Amazon River, cycled the world’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia, and stood inside one of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. She loves sports and has played (and coached) state-level field hockey in two countries and can often be found on the tennis court at Cranmore or on the slopes of a nearby mountain. She loves obstacles course races and succeeding in winning a Battlefrog in Nashville, TN in 2017.

Kim is a multitalented/multidimensional human being who returns to Indigo after two years of working as a general manager for a well-known restaurant in Portland, Maine. Many of you will know Kim from immediately post-COVID, where she was with the Indigo team for about 18 months.


She has since returned to Indigo, as I knew she always would ;-) and at the same time, has also built a house and retired to Florida. Kim works mostly remotely but does come up to North Conway to help during busy times. Some of you will know that she was here helping out during vacation week as an extra set of hands to deal with maintenance issues and inspections ahead of guest arrivals and I'm happy to announce that she will be back in the summer.

The difference Kim makes is immeasurable, and she is not only an incredible part of the team but also one of my closest friends.

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Chief of Staff

We were joking about a job title for Kim when she re-joined the team and we have settled on the slightly amusing title of “Chief of Staff”.You can contact Kim for almost anything, but in these beginning stages, she will mostly be dealing with maintenance issues and performance management of the rest of the team.

Kristina Paisley, Head of HR at Indigo Properties


General Manager

Born and raised in Russia. Kristina has a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychology. She conducted research on procrastination, life satisfaction, motivation, and emotional intelligence. At the university, she was the president of the class, defended the rights of students, and helped students transfer from paid to free tuition.

From 2017 to 2020 Kristina worked as a project manager. She created educational projects for young people. She headed the career guidance committee at the faculty and helped students with choosing a career path. She was engaged in event management and held more than 35 educational events. She conducted training sessions for large classrooms on self-development, time management, goal setting, and team building.

From 2020 to 2021, Kristina worked in the HR department at an IT company that developed video surveillance software. In the company, she worked on corporate culture, HR brand, and creating an atmosphere in the office.

In 2021, Kristina came to the USA as J1-student for the summer. She worked at Shaw’s. One rainy day after work, she was waiting for the rain to stop, a kind stranger offered her a ride home and she said “yes”. That's how she met her husband, the love of her life. And now she lives in Conway with her husband and their daughter. 

Thanks to good people, Kristina met Abbey. And, it was life-changing. Abbey gave her the opportunity to apply her experience in Russia and develop in her favorite field and help people make their dream of traveling come true.

Fun Facts About Kristina:

Kristina loves traveling. The first country she visited was the US. She spent 4 months here working and traveling. After that, she couldn’t stop traveling and visited 3 more countries – cold time of the year she stayed in Turkey, visited Croatia and Dubrovnik where The Game of Thrones was shouted, and spent a couple of weeks in Mexico. In New Hampshire, she has discovered her love of hiking. Kristina speaks 3 languages.

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Cleaning Manager

Ashlin has always been a hard worker since the early age of 15. Her first job was working at Storyland in the parks and services department. She would give short, engaging, and enthusiastic tours, dress up in character costumes, and clean bathrooms. Little did she know that wouldn’t be her last job involving cleaning. That summer she saved every check she got and by the end of the following summer, she bought herself her first car, commonly known as Meep Meep.


She then moved on to intern at TechPros in Berlin, New Hampshire. Her work there involved fixing and working on computers and keeping things tidy in the shop.

She interned there between the ages of 15 and 18. The summer after she graduated in 2021 a friend told her about this great job in Conway. It involved cleaning and the pay was worth the hour-long drive to the office. A few weeks after hearing about the job she called and set up a meeting where she was given a cleaning position. That's how she came to work at Indigo. Being new to cleaning the job took some learning and getting used to. 

Cleaning regularly throughout the year she was eventually moved up to being a Saturday supervisor, and then became the cleaning team manager. Her roles now include cleaning, scheduling, managing the other cleaners, keeping track of supplies, and helping out with any odds and ends as needed. Ashlin loves to learn and evolve and has a lot of pride in her work. Always striving to be the best she can be for her loved ones and her teammates.

Fun Facts About Ashlin:

Ashlin Loves to rock climb and aspires to travel the world doing so with her partner Cameron. She also loves to spend time with her family when she isn't at work. Spending lots of time doing fun things with her littlest sister when she gets out of kindergarten. Hanging out with her grandmother either baking or doing puzzles. And spending time with Cameron going on whatever adventure comes their way.

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Communications Team

The quiet presence in the background by these two keeps an eye on things so that nothing gets missed behind the scenes. They work tirelessly to ensure all guests feel welcome, heard, and responded to in a timely manner.


They are also tasked with gathering stats and data from reviews, tracking cleans, and documenting issues reported by guests. Without their help, the rest of the team would not be able to switch off during non-business hours (if there is such a thing in this industry) and they keep workflows flowing seamlessly by providing additional assistance where needed.

Fun Facts About Ayah:

Ayah was a former theater arts director who had also acted as the lead in a play during her college years. It's strange for her because she's a shy person, but she feels ecstatic when she's on stage. She enjoys singing and is a member of a music band. She can also play three different musical instruments. She is currently a program head and event coordinator at her church where she directs concerts and big events. She enjoys camping, going for walks on the beach, and watching sunsets.

Ayah began her career as an online teacher of international students. She earned her professional license as a high school teacher in 2017 and taught for two years. She became involved in her church's multimedia ministry and fell in love with multimedia arts. But something inside her tells her that she needs to pursue her passion for creativity and media designing which is why she left teaching and began her freelancing career.

She has worked as a voice-over artist, video editor, translator and interpreter, and is now Abbey's social media manager and graphic designer. She believes that meeting Abbey is life-changing because she has discovered what she truly enjoys doing, which she no longer considers a job but a "hobby". She always puts her heart into everything she does and strives to go above and beyond limitations and expectations. She is constantly hungry for new knowledge and experiences.



Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer

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In-house Maintenance

Eric comes to us as the newest member and the final missing piece in rounding out this amazing team of ours. So new that he is yet to provide us with a photo and a timer of going to press. We did not have one yet.


Eric is currently building his own house and also comes to us after 15 years working in the hot tub industry. He is a jack of all trades and his calm demeanor is welcomed, especially during our busiest times of the year. Although you will have no direct contact with Eric, I am sure you will see him around - either in person or on any home security systems.

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